the psi.

What's a PSI?

Well, that's an acronym I've coined:

Let's recreate what happened at the gym last night.

I was just minding my own business, lunging when necessary, a few bicep curls to get swoll, nothing out of the ordinary when a girl came up approximately two feet from me and started in on exercises of her own.

Now you might be thinking: Well maybe there wasn't room...maybe she needed the equipment found in the area I was exercising...and while I'd like to be able to make excuses up for her, I can't. I just can't.

She totally invaded my personal space at the gym. It was uncomfortable and I found myself shifting to a different area to stretch it out. The thing about my gym is it's on the 7th floor of my building so this PSI is also renting, which means she's my neighbor. I'll be friendly - as that's how I roll - but if it happens again, something will have to be done.

So what have we learned this post? Keep your distance when exercising unless you are pictured below:

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